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      Company News

      HPXIN school 2016 opening ceremony

      2016-11-12 00:42:49 HPX@web 81

          On November 18, 2016, HPXIN school officially opened courses, including R & D technology, technology, quality and system management, computer technology, marketing and financial management. And by the general manager of Chen published a congratulatory message, deputy general manager Liu Xiaobo as HPXIN school principals, presided over the opening ceremony.


          Live students full, and actively participate in the opening ceremony, and the course of interest.


          The course is divided into two sections of technology and management, and is taught by the principal and seven senior lecturers.

          The school, aimed at improving the staff of the R & D and enterprise management capabilities, to the staff a chance to learn knowledge, so as to the company's innovation and development to do their own a force, so that their growth led the company's progress. In this, also hope that students have a successful career, the company leap forward!

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